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Branch of CIA

 China Installation Association Machinery Equipment and Lifting Branch Committee, approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, is constitutive of some construction corporations, institutes, universities, design units, testing organizations, and manufacturing corporations related to equipment installation. It works under the lead of China Installation Association. “Overall installation Techniques of Large Architectural Elements and Equipments” Consulting Service Unit, which belongs to Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China, is here.

Tenets: conforming to Constitution, Law, and related Policies of China and the rules of China Installation Association; to function as a bridge and tie between Chinese government and corporations; protecting the legal rights of member corporations; helping advance architectural techniques to make progress toward machinery equipment and lifting works of China; working hard at improving the engineering quality and abilities of workers; and performing a function for the progress of market-oriented economy.

Business: participating in the arguments of government decisions related to the progress, reform, and profit of this industry; researching and giving advice for the rationalization of techniques, economy, and policies; establishing technique and production standards; making regulations and supervising; appraising through comparison to prove the supervision of quality and safety; working at domestic and overseas techniques and market information exchange; assisting the corporations to raise management level, and exploit market; holding various training, and offering technique consulting service; spreading science fruits; and taking on works from government and association.