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Social Responsibility:We will always adhere to people-oriented principle, stick to the core values and focus on the mission of the enterprise. Actively undertake social responsibility and repay the society.Strive to maximize the long-term benefits of employees, customers, enterprises, countries, societies and the natural environment by unremitting efforts. 


Values:We will undertake economic development responsibility, continuously develop scientific operation capacity, and constantly improve management level.


Innovation: We will continuously strengthen innovation system and enhance the capability of independent innovation in actual production process to promote technological progress.


Environmental Protection:We will protect the environment by implementing environmentally friendly projects to save energy and resources.


Responsibility: We will continuously strengthen our idea of responsibility and social responsibility management.As a state-owned enterprise,we will observe disciplines and obey the laws while undertaking our  responsibility and historical misson.


Happiness: We will adhere to the concept of common development with people oriented principle, and pay attention to individual development . We will take an active part in public welfare activities, undertake good corporate citizen responsibilities and develop harmoniously within the society.


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