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Branch of CECWA

The Committee of the Welding Profession in Machinery Industry Engineering of China Engineering Construction Welding Association, a branch office of China Engineering Construction Welding Association, is an organization permitted by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. It operates under the regulations of China Engineering Construction Welding Association and is under its leadership as well as supervision. The Committee is formed by companies and institutes in the system of the machinery industry engineering, other scientific research institutes fielding in producing, construction, scientific research and inspection and measurement related to the welding techniques, and supervision divisions also.


Purposes of the Committee: Under the guidance of the reform and opening-up policy of the Party and government, the Committee implements policies, laws and regulations of the Party and government and follows the morals and principles of the society. It aims at bettering the quality of engineering construction, improving the administration of the companies and boosting profits. And, it works for the machinery industry engineering construction, reports wishes and requirements of the member companies, and guards their rights. Under the leadership of China Engineering Construction Welding Association or its authorization and the requirements of member companies, the Committee performs related work in mutual services.


Scope of business: Services such as organizing the developing, exchanging and consulting of the professional welding techniques.
Encourage the academic exchange of the professional welding techniques between home and abroad; hold the annual forum of the Committee.
Organize staff training. Spread and implement the technical standards and regulations of welding techniques.
Improve staff abilities. Perform the task concerning information, such as providing members and companies with technical and market information at proper time.

Carry on business activities required by China Engineering Construction Welding Association, supervising divisions and member companies.